Effortless Multi-Site Monitoring

FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor lets you monitor systems at multiple remote locations all from one web-based console. It includes comprehensive monitoring options for servers, workstations, switches, routers and all your IT gear.

How It Works

The diagram below shows how FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor works. At each of your sites you install the FrameFlow Multi-Site remote node on just one system One Node Can Monitor 100s of Systems! . That remote node can monitor hundreds of systems at the remote site using agentless monitoring, which means you never need to install anything on the systems being monitored. Each remote node calls home using secure HTTPS/SSL to the FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor master console which is running at your headquarters. The master console gives you and your IT staff a unified view of monitoring operations across all sites.

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Powerful Multi-Site Monitoring

  • Monitor systems at multiple remote sites
  • Manage everything from one web-based console
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Multi-User support with role-based access
  • 65+ Monitoring Types, 300+ Options
  • Alerts by E-mail, SMS text and Voice
Agentless Monitoring
Simple Management
Comprehensive Monitoring

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Monitor Systems at Multiple Remote Locations All Through One Web-Based Console

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