Notification Types

FrameFlow Notification Types

When a system is failing or a threshold has been exceeded it is vital to get the message out to your support staff so FrameFlow offers multiple alerting options.

Alerting options include e-mail, SMS text message and voice phone calls to your mobile or land line. You can also optionally include actions with each notification. For example after 5 failures in a row, FrameFlow can restart selected services or attempt to reboot the system. You can even run custom scripts to perform any kind of maintenance or clean task that is necessary.


Email Notifications

Email notifications are the workhorse of any system monitoring solution and FrameFlow is no exception. Alerts can be delivered to multiple recipients either selected by address or through our integrated distribution list feature.



Text Message and Voice Phone Call

FrameFlow can also send alerts by SMS text message or even by calling you on your cell phone or land line. It's the perfect solution for delivering alerts about the most critical events.


Alert Escalation

FrameFlow lets you define notification profiles that describe what actions are taken and in what order. For example you can select to send email to front line staff on the first three errors in a row and then alert the second line only after five or more failures in a row. Or switch to text message alerts after ten failures in a row. A simple rules-based interface gives you complete control.




Not every condition is important enough to wake you up in the middle of the night. With time-based scheduling you can define one set of alerts to be used during business hours and another to be used in off hours. You can even alert different staff members based on the day, time and severity of the alert.




Rate Controls

When a critical system is offline it can take down access to many other systems. When that happens the last thing you want is a flood of alerts. FrameFlow offers rate controls and alert summaries that help you to understand current status without getting overwhelmed by alerts.

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