Newswire: FrameFlow Announces New Line of Fragrances


OTTAWA, CANADA. September 30th 2015. FrameFlow Software announced today a new line of fragrances designed for busy system administrators and server monitoring professionals.

The first fragrance to be introduced is “Eau de FrameFlow” which is described as a “delightful, light cologne ideally suited for swapping power supplies and resetting routers.” It has been alternately described as capturing the clean essence of a server room with the hints of aroma of high end HVAC systems.

Also announced today, was “Network Mist” a spray-on scent that is “reminiscent of freshly unpacked RJ-45 cables”. Packaged in convenient and familiar spray format, FrameFlow expects Network Mist to be a big seller.


FrameFlow senior fragrance consultant, Davide de Renaux, described their process. “We searched the world for the scents and fragrances that capture the essence of server monitoring and system administration. Using swabs from data centers around the world and by distilling coolants from discontinued servers, we have arrived at a fragrance that distinctively says ‘FrameFlow’. We think you will be delighted with the results.”

Those looking to sample the new fragrances can find them at specially designed kiosks located near the Apple Watch displays at Macy’s of New York and Selfridges of London. FrameFlow officials cautioned that due to high demand, sample puffs of Network Mist are strictly limited to one per person.

Officials at Yves Saint Laurent and other major fashion houses dismissed FrameFlow’s move into one of their core business areas. Said one “They literally put stickers on compressed air canisters. We do not see this as a threat”.

Business analysts in the server monitoring industry were working to understand how this move might affect the marketplace. Rumors have been swirling that SolarWinds is developing a fragrance code-named “L’Orion” and New Relic has hinted that it intends to release a fragrance called “Nouveau Relic” in early 2016.

FrameFlow shares (NASDAQ:FRMFLW) closed up $1.55 on the news.

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