System Health Event Monitor Update in v6.8


Version 6.8 will include a number of enhancements to our system health event monitor. That event monitor is one of our most important ones as it collects CPU/drive space/bandwidth/memory/ping data all in one go. Also, it supports multiple protocols and the data it collects is used to drive multiple dashboards and reports.

In its settings we’ve added a new drive filter. It often occurred that a removable drive or hidden partition was showing up in the results because of a bad driver or drive configuration. With v6.8 you’ll be able to easily filter these out.

Also, we’ve consolidated bandwidth monitoring in the event monitor. Earlier versions would list the bandwidth for each interface which could pick up virtual and unused interfaces. In v6.8 we report on combined bandwidth for all interfaces. But if you still want each interface split out, there’s an option for that too.

Lastly, there a was an issue where if you removed a device from a system health event monitor, it could remain displayed in the system health dashboard. In v6.8 old values are automatically aged out after a short bit and will no longer appear in the dashboards and reports.

Version 6.8 is in the last stages of testing. It’s going be a big update so stay posted for the release and upgrade as soon as you can.