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FrameFlow 2018.4 Released

User Groups and Permissions, Batch Editing Options, SSH Keys

FrameFlow 2018.4 Released

We are very happy to announce that FrameFlow v2018.4 is now available for download. Users with perpetual licenses or active subscriptions can login into their account on our site to get the latest version. Simply download the setup and run it. Our installer will perform the upgrade while preserving all of your settings.

If you are currently evaluating FrameFlow, head to our download page to get the latest version. Just like the licensed version just run the setup and it will take care of all upgrade tasks while preserving your configuration. If you need a bit more time to explore the new features in v2018.4 then contact us for an extension to your trial.

FrameFlow v2018.4 Release Highlights

  • New ability to define user groups and assign permissions based on group membership.
  • New ability to set ownership of devices, event monitors and reports.
  • New ability to set properties on device groups and have the devices underneath inherit from the group.
  • New ability to add data points in the advanced content check in the SSH command event monitor.
  • New default avatar styles showing username initials.
  • New batch editing options in the device and spreadsheet views.
  • New ability to include icons on data point value dashboard panels.
  • New dashboard panel showing SNMP monitoring values in table format.
  • New ability to show negative values in data point graphs.
  • New device type added for switches and routers.
  • New integrated code editor for all scripting event monitors.
  • New ability to globally filter out/reject Syslogs using a set of rules.
  • New search options in the administration history.
  • New ability to use SSH keys for authentication with Linux and other SSH-based systems.
  • New Actions toolbox menu replaces the previous UI model based on icon bars.

There’s all that and more. Check out check out our changelog for complete details.

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