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FrameFlow 2018.5 Released

New SNMP Browser Options, New Search Options and More

FrameFlow 2018.5 Released

We are very happy to announce that FrameFlow 2018.5, our fifth major update this year, is now available for download. Highlights in this release include long retention periods for configuration backups, new search options for logbook records, a new option for extended scans using the integrated SNMP browser and a new event monitor which alerts about pending updates on your Linux-based systems that support ‘yum’ updates.

Other improvements include Dell iDRAC monitoring where we added better support for systems with physical disks but no virtual disks configured. For VMware monitoring, we updated each of our supported VMware event monitors to support TLS 2.0 connections to the VMware APIs which is a requirement for the latest releases of VMware.

Some customers experienced issues with the Windows Update event monitor after upgrading to FrameFlow 2018.4. In 2018.5 we reverted the event monitor to its previous functionality. The new code was using Windows Remote Management (WinRM) and in our test environments it allowed us to add some cool new features, but in various production environments we observed multiple configuration issues affecting WinRM that were challenging to diagnose. We’re still excited about the Windows Update monitoring options that WinRM makes available, but we’ll run it through more rigourous testing before rolling it out again.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the new release. We’re already hard at work on the next major update. If you have suggestions for features and functionality that you’d like to see added to your FrameFlow monitoring, let us know.

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