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Issues After Applying May 2020 Windows Updates

Session Timeout Errors

Issues After Applying May 2020 Windows Updates

After applying the Windows Updates for May 2020 on your FrameFlow server, you may start seeing unexpected messages in the user interface. You may see a message about an expired session or an invalid session ID.

This problem affects FrameFlow installation that have been set to run the web interface through IIS.


In the May 2020 Windows Updates, Windows handles some IIS components in a different manner and this affects a component that we use to integrate with IIS. The messages that appear in the interface have no effect on monitoring or alerting operations however the periodic messages can be distracting when viewing making updates to your monitoring configuration.

Affected Versions

All versions of FrameFlow with build numbers of 4555 and lower are affected.


FrameFlow v2020.3 build 4556 is now available for download. You can log into your account on our web site to download and install this update.