What’s New in FrameFlow v2021.12

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Updates for FrameFlow v2021.12

FrameFlow's latest version is now v2021.12! Included in this update are PowerShell 7 compatibility, improved scalability, and more. Read on to find out what this update has in store.

New Support for PowerShell 7

PowerShell 7 is the latest major update to PowerShell, released in 2020. Along with regular PowerShell scripting features, this version has added new operators, simplified error investigation tools, automatic new version notifications, and more. This version of PowerShell does not come preinstalled with any version of Windows available currently, so make sure to download it from the Microsoft website if you want to try it out.

FrameFlow's PowerShell Script Event Monitor now supports PowerShell 7. In the event monitor's settings, you can now choose the PowerShell version you want to work with.

New Version Chooser

Note: the '+' denotes that this version option works with PowerShell 7 and later.

Improved Scalability in v2021.12

Also new in this release is heightened support for extreme scalability. One of our customers in the EU is monitoring over a hundred network switches, each of which has a hundred or more interfaces. This monitoring configuration generates over 17.2 million data points each day.

To help this customer and others like them, we optimized certain internal operations to better support configurations as large as this one. With this change, FrameFlow has gotten even better at handling workloads of this size and larger. We pride ourselves in pushing our scalability further and further so we can support the monitoring requirements for even the most massive organizations.

System Health and Drive Space Event Monitor Improvements

This release also tackled a measurement issue with the System Health and Drive Space Event Monitors. Some of you may have noticed that the values generated for the total size of your drives and the remaining amount of drive space were off by a bit. Usually, the difference was a couple of percentage points, but in v2021.12, this has been resolved. Now that we've corrected this issue, the figures you see in these two event monitors will accurately reflect the actual values from the systems you're monitoring.

System Health and Drive Space Event Monitors

Other New Fixes

In the last release, some users were having issues adding a data point list panel to their dashboard configurations. In v2021.12, we've fixed the issue that was preventing you from doing so. If you had tried to add that panel and weren't able, upgrade to the latest release and try again.

Version 2021.11 had an issue where some event monitors didn't clean up and discard stale data points. These data retention setting issues have also been resolved in v2021.12.

Available Now

FrameFlow v2021.12 is available now. To upgrade, log into your account on our website and select the downloads tab. Make sure to let us know what you think of the new update. Thank you for your continued patronage. Your feedback is what drives our product in new directions.

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