What’s New in FrameFlow v2021.14

Learn what has changed, what's stayed the same, and what's coming next.

Updates for FrameFlow v2021.14

FrameFlow v2021.14 is out now! Included in this update is a new Windows Event Log Monitor option, updates to the Logon Security Event Monitor, several bug fixes, and more. Read on to discover what's new and improved.

New Windows Event Log Monitoring Option

In FrameFlow v2021.14, we've added a new option to our Windows Event Log Event Monitor. The option to "Attempt to convert SIDs to account names" will replace numeric SIDs with more informational account names if they exist. This makes interpreting data from the Windows Event Log Event Monitor much easier to do at a glance.

New Account Name Option

We've also made performance updates to event monitors that use Windows Event Logs. This includes the Windows Event Logs Event Monitor as well as others, including the Logon Security Event Monitor. All affected event monitors will run more quickly and efficiently than before.

Update to the Logon Security Event Monitor

Also new to FrameFlow v2021.14 is an edit to the Logon Security Event Monitor that provides better compatibility when monitoring domain controllers. Some users were experiencing difficulty monitoring domain controllers with this event monitor, so we updated it to use the latest APIs. This will help eliminate any problems you may have been experiencing with domain controller monitoring, so make sure to log in to update today.

Key Bug Fixes

If you're using the Oracle Event Monitor to retrieve floating point values, you may have noticed that the correct values were not being retrieved. This issue has been addressed and resolved in v2021.14.

Another problem affecting monitoring was affecting the Vmware VMs Snapshot Event Monitor. Some users' ESX configurations were returning a long error message due to an unexpected problem the event monitor had processing information. This, too, has been fixed in this latest release.

There was also an issue some users experienced when running any event monitor configured to return more than ten thousand data points. Some users reported nothing showing up in the Graphs tab of that event monitor, but the new update contains a fix for this issue as well. Users experiencing this issue are recommended to log in and update as soon as possible to fix this or any other issue mentioned in this article.

The final major issue addressed in this release is a problem some people were experiencing with the device property inheritance feature. When assigning tags to a group of devices, a gray box would appear instead of the inherited tags. This, too, has been fixed in v2021.14.

Available Now

FrameFlow v2021.14 is available now! Make sure to log in and upgrade at your earliest convenience to take advantage of our newest work. As always, don't hesitate to let us know what you think of the new update or to report a bug.

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