What’s New in FrameFlow v2022.10

Learn What has Changed, What's Stayed the Same, and What's Coming Next

What's new in FrameFlow v2022.10?

FrameFlow v2022.10 is full of new and improved features! From new event monitors to improved user-friendliness to added features, we have a lot to show you in FrameFlow's latest update! Make sure to update ASAP to take advantage of the features we'll be highlighting below.

New Linux/SSH Event Monitors

One of the most noteworthy changes in this new update is the addition of two new event monitors!

The Linux/SSH Login Event Monitor runs "lastlog" on systems that support it and alerts based on user security events like user logins, new users, or the removal of existing users. Check out its tutorial and accompanying Technical Resources article.

Linux/SSH Login Event Monitor Output

The Linux/SSH APT Update Event Monitor "apt-get update" and alerts if updates are available. Use it to receive notifications about pending updates, required reboots, and to automatically apply updates. Check out the Linux/SSH APT Update Event Monitor reference guide here to make sure you always have the latest security fixes applied.

Linux/SSH APT Update Event Monitor Output

SNMP Updates

FrameFlow v2022.10 also contains a handful of SNMP-based updates that further integrate FrameFlow with SNMP.

The SNMP Event Monitor itself received two new updates. We added a new comparison option that allows you to receive alerts if a value changes. We also added the ability to specify multiple thresholds in the SNMP Event Monitor, which streamlines the process of creating alert parameters.

New SNMP Event Monitor Comparison Option

We added a new SNMP Bandwidth report element that shows you all the interfaces of all your devices, ranked by your choice of minimum, maximum, and average.

SNMP Bandwidth Element Sorted by Minimum Bandwidth

We also improved the detection of maximum SNMP interface speeds.

Updated: Windows Event Log Event Monitor

The Windows Event Log Event Monitor now has an option to check the rate of incoming events. Oftentimes a large influx of event logs over a short amount of time indicates that something has gone wrong, so now the event monitor is able to alert in that situation.

New Event Log Option

Other v2022.10 Updates

Below you can find a highlights reel of our other changes for v2022.10. A complete list can always be found in our change log.

  • We added a data point for remote node processing times in the Installation Health Event Monitor
  • We added new options in the Actions menu when viewing report groups
  • We fixed an issue with blank messages in the Amazon AWS Lambda Event Monitor

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Like what you see? Make sure to update at your earliest convenience to take advantage of all these new features.

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