What’s New in FrameFlow v2022.4

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What's new in FrameFlow v2022.4?

FrameFlow v2022.4 contains several bug fixes aimed at improving the general FrameFlow interface. This article will detail the more major changes. Visit our change log for a complete list of what's new in v2022.4!

Improvements to Installation Health Event Monitor

We upgraded the Installation Health Event Monitor to warn when any event monitor task is taking too long to complete. The resulting dialogue now tells you exactly what tasks are of concern, enabling you to take corrective action sooner than ever before.

HP iLO Sample Output

iDRAC Monitoring Improvements

If you've recently updated iDRAC and are experiencing problems monitoring iDRAC with FrameFlow, log in and update today. In version 2022.4, we've added a new option to monitor iDRAC using IP addresses. Enabling this should fix the issue!

PagerDuty Monitoring Updates

A previous bug made it so that PagerDuty channels were listed twice in some parts of the interface. Version 2022.4 corrects this issue.

SNMP Profiles

Users who have global SNMP profiles on a remote node were sometimes receiving spurious connection errors that resolved on the next event monitor run. This problem has been resolved in our latest update.

SNMP Profiles

Improvements to Microsoft 365 Service Status Monitoring

In previous releases, the Microsoft 365 Service Status Event Monitor was returning fewer than the normal number of alerts. If you've updated since our 2022.4 release, you may have already noticed that your Service Status Event Monitor now returns more alerts. This is intended, as now the event monitor reports on a broader range of issues indicated by Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Service Status Event Monitor

Issue Regarding User Profile Options Addressed

For some users running previous releases, there was an issue where the options to add an avatar, change password, or enable two-factor authentication were missing. In v2022.4, that issue has been rectified.

User Menu

Import Issue Resolved

Some users reported that, when importing another configuration, various monitoring actions would stall until the FrameFlow service was restarted. That issue has also been resolved in our latest release.

Available Now

We encourage you to update your FrameFlow instance as soon as possible so you can benefit from the changes made in our latest version, v2022.4. Once again, for a list of every change made in this update, see our change log.

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