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Patch Tuesday for August 2015

It’s that glorious time of the month, time for all Windows sysadmins to apply the latest fixes delivered by Microsoft.

This month’s delivery includes 14 fixes with 4 of them rated Critical and the rest rated Important. In the Critical category we find fixes for remote code execution flaws that affect Windows, Office, the .NET Framework and more. Interestingly, in the first Patch Tuesday since Windows 10 was released, we find critical fixes for Microsoft’s new Edge browser too.

The remainder of the fixes address various privilege escalation and information exposure problems.

For the complete list of fixes see the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2015.

Patch Tuesday for April 2015

This month’s Patch Tuesday fell on the 12th of April and Microsoft delivered 13 patches with three of them rated critical. As usual there was a Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer which fixed multiple Critical issues. These days it takes less and less time for exploits to appear in the wild so if your organization still supports IE as a browser you’ll want to patch your servers and workstations as soon as possible.

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Patch Tuesday for March 2015

It’s Patch Tuesday again for all Windows sysadmins and this month’s delivery includes more fixes than usual.

Microsoft’s security bulletin lists 14 individual fixes including a fix for the recently discovered “FREAK” vulnerability. Of the fourteen fixes, 5 of them are rated Critical and the rest are Important.

Also included are fixes for issues in Internet Explorer, the VBScript scripting engine, a flaw in an Adobe font driver bundled with Windows, and issues in Microsoft Office. All of these could result in a remote code exploit so it’s vital that Windows-based systems are patched as soon as possible.

First Patch Tuesday for January 2015

    Photo By Jason Scott - Flickr: IMG_9976 - CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    January 2015 – 1 Critical and 7 Important Fixes

    The first Patch Tuesday for 2015 has been released and Windows sysadmins will be busy updating as usual.

    This release includes 8 fixes with 1 listed as Critical and 7 more listed as Important. It’s always vital to make sure your systems are fully patched but Windows admins may feel some comfort knowing that the only critical issue is one that affects the Windows Telnet Service.

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