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Patch Tuesday for October 2015


Here we are: Patch Tuesday again. This month Microsoft has delivered just six fixes but several of them are “cumulative updates” so they in fact contain a multitude of fixes. Of the six major items, three of them are rated critical with a risk of remote code execution so as always it’s important to get this month’s fixes rolled out as soon as possible.

For the complete list of fixes see the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October 2015.

First Patch Tuesday for January 2015

    Photo By Jason Scott - Flickr: IMG_9976 - CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    January 2015 – 1 Critical and 7 Important Fixes

    The first Patch Tuesday for 2015 has been released and Windows sysadmins will be busy updating as usual.

    This release includes 8 fixes with 1 listed as Critical and 7 more listed as Important. It’s always vital to make sure your systems are fully patched but Windows admins may feel some comfort knowing that the only critical issue is one that affects the Windows Telnet Service.

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FrameFlow v7.0 Beta 1 Released


FrameFlow v7.0 Beta 1
We’re very happy to announce that Beta 1 for FrameFlow Server Monitor and FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor is now available for download.

Important: Because this is a beta release we strongly advise you to make a complete backup of your monitoring configuration before installing the beta release.

V7.0: Redesigned Interface
Version 7.0 features a brand new user interface that has been streamlined and modernized.  It also supports great new additions.  For example, now you can drag-and-drop items in the tree making it easier than ever to organize your network devices and event monitors.  The tree also loads dynamically so those of you with large monitoring configurations will see big performance improvements.

V7.0: Maintenance Windows
Version 7.0 adds maintenance window profiles.  With this great new feature you can tell FrameFlow to not monitor systems during periods of planned down time.  It has robust date/time matching features allowing you to select patterns like “The 2nd Tuesday of Every Month”.

V7.0: Automated Discovery
We’ve replaced the old device finder with a new top-level feature that lets you automate device discovery and build rules to automatically to put newly found network devices in the correct part of the tree.

V7.0: Inventory Data and Reports
New in this release is inventory data collection.  As a part of automated discovery FrameFlow also collects inventory data which is used to feed an entirely new set of reports.  These reports give you insight into your hardware and software inventory, grouping systems by their important attributes and offering a high-level view of assets.

V7.0: Search Bar
Version 7.0 adds a new search bar at the top of the interface.  To find any device or event monitor, simply start typing and FrameFlow will show all matching items.  It’s never been easier to navigate and find the monitoring data you need.

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As always, if you have comments or suggestions, we want to hear from you.  If you have any questions just drop us a note because we’re always happy to help in any way we can.


The FrameFlow Team
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Version 6.8.2 Released!


Version 6.8.2 has been released! Even our maintenance releases bring in new features and this one is no exception. It includes new SNMP scaling and labeling options, new filtering options for the Task Scheduler event monitor and much more.

Customers can upgrade by logging into their account on our web site. If you’re in the evaluation phase then download again and run the setup. Either way our setup program will recognize your existing installation and upgrade it while preserving all of your settings.

Now we’re back to work on the next major release.  We’ll be updating our list of development projects soon so stay tuned.  We have lots of amazing new features coming your way.


FrameFlow v6.8.1 Released



We are very happy to announce that v6.8.1 has been released and is available for download.  This new version includes fixes for recently reported issues as well as a few new features.

New in this release is an event monitor for Windows Task Scheduler.  It can check the last result codes, warn about skipped task and more.  It’s a great tool for making sure that your automated operations are running smoothly.

Also new are friendly names and labels for the SNMP event monitor and the SNMP Trap event monitor.  This allows you to custom values in your SNMP alerts replacing the SNMP OIDs or symbolic names which can be cryptic even under the best of circumstances.

Hotfix for v6.8.0


If you’re stuck using IE8 or earlier and have upgraded to v6.8.0 you might see that your dashboards are no longer displaying properly.  Those older versions of IE are missing some features that we use for the new grid dashboard style and we forgot to put a browser version check before them so they’re causing a user interface error.

We have a hot fix ready for it and you can find it here

Extract the files and put the .asp file in the “C:Program Files (x86)FrameFlowHtml” folder.   Put the two .js files in the “C:Program Files (x86)FrameFlowHtml” folder.  Then refresh in your browser and your dashboards will be back to normal.

The hotfix is only required if you’re using IE8 or earlier.  IE9, IE10 and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox are not affected.

FrameFlow Support

FrameFlow v6.8 Released


Version 6.8 for FrameFlow Server Monitor and FrameFlow MSP has been released. This is a big new update including new event monitors, a new grid-style dashboard type and much more.

Licensed users can upgrade by logging into their account on our web site. Just run the setup and it will upgrade you to the latest release while preserving all of your settings.

Evaluation users can drop by our download page to get v6.8. Just download again and run the setup. Just like the licensed version it will recognize your existing install and upgrade you while preserving all of your settings.

So what’s new in v6.8? Lots!

For those of you who are taking advantage of cloud computing, there’s a brand new event monitor for Amazon AWS. It can watch your EC2 instances by communicating with Amazon directly and warning you about instance state changes, elastic IP changes, snapshots and more. It also collected Amazon monitoring data for your instances and build graphs for them in FrameFlow interface.

Also new are event monitors for HTTP and File system bandwidth tests. Similar to the checks run by and, these event monitors test available bandwidth and report on the results. The HTTP one is great for testing web site throughput and general outside connectivity. The File version is great for testing internal network bandwidth.

And that’s just a small sample of what we’ve added. See the full change log for complete details:


Version 6.8 Pre-Release Available


A pre-release of version 6.8 is now available for download. Licensed users can get the pre-release by logging into their account on our site. If you are evaluating FrameFlow or FrameFlow MSP and want to try out the v6.8 pre-release then drop us a note at

Version 6.8 includes a lot of new features and functionality including new events monitors for bandwidth testing, for monitoring Amazon EC2 instances and for “meta monitoring” where you can alert based on the status of multiple event monitors.

The official release will be in about a week after we collect more comments from our pre-release users.

Have fun!

System Health Event Monitor Update in v6.8


Version 6.8 will include a number of enhancements to our system health event monitor. That event monitor is one of our most important ones as it collects CPU/drive space/bandwidth/memory/ping data all in one go. Also, it supports multiple protocols and the data it collects is used to drive multiple dashboards and reports.

In its settings we’ve added a new drive filter. It often occurred that a removable drive or hidden partition was showing up in the results because of a bad driver or drive configuration. With v6.8 you’ll be able to easily filter these out.

Also, we’ve consolidated bandwidth monitoring in the event monitor. Earlier versions would list the bandwidth for each interface which could pick up virtual and unused interfaces. In v6.8 we report on combined bandwidth for all interfaces. But if you still want each interface split out, there’s an option for that too.

Lastly, there a was an issue where if you removed a device from a system health event monitor, it could remain displayed in the system health dashboard. In v6.8 old values are automatically aged out after a short bit and will no longer appear in the dashboards and reports.

Version 6.8 is in the last stages of testing. It’s going be a big update so stay posted for the release and upgrade as soon as you can.


New Article in Technical Resources Section


We posted an article showing you how to configure data source names (DSNs) for our ODBC event monitor when FrameFlow is running on a 64-bit version of Windows. Windows doesn’t make it obvious that you need to use a different ODBC administrator that is not easy to find.

See our technical resources section for this article and many others as well:

FrameFlow’s ODBC event monitor is a great solution for monitoring all kinds of databases since almost all databases include ODBC support. For SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL, FrameFlow offers dedicated event monitors and we recommend using them instead as they offer additional options and database compatibility.