Device View Power Tips

One feature in FrameFlow that often doesn’t get noticed right away is the Views section for devices. Find out more in this post.

At the bottom of the Network Devices tree there’s an entry labeled Views and in it you’ll find five handy selections to display your network devices. Each one shows your network devices and includes either all of your devices or only those in a selected state.


In any view you can right-click on a column header to sort by that column. Left-click on a column or row header to select/deselect that column or row. Or you can click and drag across inside the table to select blocks of cells. After selecting cells, right-click on the select to get options to copy the selected data to the clipboard.

One thing that’s not always obvious is that you can actually make changes right from inside any of the views. For example, double-click on a cell in the Display Name columna and now you can the display name inline. Just make your changes and hit Enter to save them.

The Paused column shows the device’s status. Just double-click on a cell in that column to pause or resume the device. You can even edit the tags and notes for your devices all from the same view. Not only does it save a lot of clicking and navigation compared to going to the settings of each device individually, it also gives you a single view of all your devices so you can make sure your naming conventions, tags and notes are all consistent.