Easy to Deploy

Be Up and Running in Five Minutes

FrameFlow is easy to deploy, so easy that you can be up and running in five minutes or less. Just run our setup program, click through to the Finish button and it will launch you into FrameFlow’s web interface.Next, use the Device Discovery option in the Tools section to find the systems you need to monitor and add them to your FrameFlow configuration.Finally, add one or more event monitors to check ping response times, system health metrics, SNMP bandwidth any anything else. FrameFlow includes over 75 monitoring types each with dozens of options to choose from.powershell

Full Integration

Your script is responsible for doing the monitoring but it is also fully integrated with our scheduling and alerting engines. That means you can take advantage of options to define how often the script runs, apply filters based on date & time and more. Also, you can use any or all of FrameFlow’s notification options. You can alert by email, text message or use any other notification option.

We’re Here to Help

Need help with your scripts? No problem. We have sample scripts to get you going and our team is always ready to help with tips, tricks and suggestion.