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Extend Your Monitoring With PowerShell Scripting

Integrate Your PowerShell Scripts with FrameFlow's Monitoring Engine

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Integrate Custom Scripts with FrameFlow's Monitoring Engine

Every organization has some monitoring requirements that are very specific to its own history and environment. Maybe it’s a legacy system running on older equipment but can’t be replaced just yet. Maybe it’s an in-house project that supports unique organizational procedures. It’s important to monitor these systems but “out of the box” options probably don’t exist for them. It’s for these reasons that FrameFlow is extensible through scripting. Using just a few lines of PowerShell, JavaScript, VBScript or Perl you can implement your own monitoring actions for your custom requirements.

Full Integration

Your script is responsible for doing the monitoring but it is also fully integrated with our scheduling and alerting engines. That means you can take advantage of options to define how often the script runs, apply filters based on date & time and more. Also, you can use any or all of FrameFlow’s notification options. You can alert by email, text message or use any of the other notification methods that are available to other event monitors.

We’re Here to Help

Need help with your scripts? No problem. We have sample scripts to get you going and our team is always ready to help with tips, tricks and suggestions.

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