FrameFlow Official Release

We’re very happy to announce that we’re out of the beta phase now and the official release is available for download.

We learned a lot during the beta testing and we would like to send our thanks to everyone who submitted their comments and suggestions.

Based on that feedback we’re implementing some changes to our licensing.  A lot of you told us that a subscription model wasn’t quite the right fit so we’re switching the focus to perpetual licenses.  For those of you who prefer to go the subscription route, that’s still available and you can just drop us a note at  Also, if you were planning to make a purchase during the beta phase you can still get the original pricing not now only now but at any time in the future.

Another change is that the free download is now a 30-day full-featured evaluation version.   For those of you who signed up during the beta testing, you can now always get the latest version by signing into your FrameFlow account that you created during the activation process.  We recommend that you do that now so you can get the latest release and all of the fixes that it includes.

If you have any questions, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!