FrameFlow v2015.2 Released

FrameFlow v2015.2

FrameFlow v2015.2 Released

We are very happy to announce that FrameFlow v2015.2 is now available for download. Licensed users can log into their account on our site to find the download links. Those of you who are in the evaluation phase can re-download the eval version. Either way, run the setup and it will upgrade your existing installation while preserving all of your settings and configuration.

This release is a major update bringing lots of new functionality. The major highlight is support for multiple alert levels including success, warning, error and critical.

To implement this we updated every single event monitor to allow you to specify multiple thresholds and control how you are alerted. We also updated all dashboard elements, network diagram displays and the structure of the interface itself to give you a clear view of multi-level status.

The end result gives you beautiful color-coded displays and an at-a-glance ability to identify and prioritize issues.

SNMP Turboboost

Also in this release we completely redesigned the internals of how we do SNMP monitoring. Those of you who are monitoring lots and lots of switches, routers and other SNMP gear will see major improvements in terms of performance. In our tests our new engine was measured to be a minimum of 10 times more efficient at handling SNMP requests and in some cases almost 50 times faster than before.

Discovery and Inventory Reboot

The feedback we got in previous releases told us that we didn’t quite get it right when we rolled out our initial discovery and inventory tracking features. In v2015.2 we rebuilt these features from the ground up. Now device discovery and inventory data collection is done using a new set of event monitors that work like the other event monitors you are familiar with and offer all the same scheduling and notification options.

And Tons More

We also added new event monitors, new network diagram elements, more PDF export options, options to control event archive retention, new event log search options, better performance counter monitoring and much, much more.

We encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of everything the new release has to offer. As always your comments and suggestions are extremely valuable to us so if you have feedback you would like share we are always excited to hear from you.

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