FrameFlow v2016.1 Released


We released v2016.1 today and our first new update this year delivers a set of fixes for recently reported issues. If you’re running on an earlier version we recommend that you upgrade when you have a chance and take advantage of the updates included in this new build.

Some highlights include:

– Fixed an issue with subtitle displays for rackmount network diagram objects.
– Fixed a problem with marking events as viewed when they are selected in a list.
– Fixed a user interface problem with a setting in the SSL Certificate event monitor.
– Fixed a problem with the option to exclude success text in notifications.
– Fixed problems with running script notifications at remote sites.
– New option to always send email summaries.
– Fixed various issues with email summary content.
– Fixed a problem with using https links in web panel dashboards.
– Fixed a problem with selecting multiple monitor groups in some dashboard panel types.
– Fixed issues with choosers on multi-site dashboards.

In parallel we have been working on a major update that will focus on dashboard improvements and add some amazing new utilities that can be accessed from right inside the FrameFlow interface. We don’t yet have a fixed date for the next release but we’re aiming for early March.

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