FrameFlow v6.8 Released


Version 6.8 for FrameFlow Server Monitor and FrameFlow MSP has been released. This is a big new update including new event monitors, a new grid-style dashboard type and much more.

Licensed users can upgrade by logging into their account on our web site. Just run the setup and it will upgrade you to the latest release while preserving all of your settings.

Evaluation users can drop by our download page to get v6.8. Just download again and run the setup. Just like the licensed version it will recognize your existing install and upgrade you while preserving all of your settings.

So what’s new in v6.8? Lots!

For those of you who are taking advantage of cloud computing, there’s a brand new event monitor for Amazon AWS. It can watch your EC2 instances by communicating with Amazon directly and warning you about instance state changes, elastic IP changes, snapshots and more. It also collected Amazon monitoring data for your instances and build graphs for them in FrameFlow interface.

Also new are event monitors for HTTP and File system bandwidth tests. Similar to the checks run by and, these event monitors test available bandwidth and report on the results. The HTTP one is great for testing web site throughput and general outside connectivity. The File version is great for testing internal network bandwidth.

And that’s just a small sample of what we’ve added. See the full change log for complete details: