FrameFlow v7.0 Beta 1 Released


FrameFlow v7.0 Beta 1
We’re very happy to announce that Beta 1 for FrameFlow Server Monitor and FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor is now available for download.

Important: Because this is a beta release we strongly advise you to make a complete backup of your monitoring configuration before installing the beta release.

V7.0: Redesigned Interface
Version 7.0 features a brand new user interface that has been streamlined and modernized.  It also supports great new additions.  For example, now you can drag-and-drop items in the tree making it easier than ever to organize your network devices and event monitors.  The tree also loads dynamically so those of you with large monitoring configurations will see big performance improvements.

V7.0: Maintenance Windows
Version 7.0 adds maintenance window profiles.  With this great new feature you can tell FrameFlow to not monitor systems during periods of planned down time.  It has robust date/time matching features allowing you to select patterns like “The 2nd Tuesday of Every Month”.

V7.0: Automated Discovery
We’ve replaced the old device finder with a new top-level feature that lets you automate device discovery and build rules to automatically to put newly found network devices in the correct part of the tree.

V7.0: Inventory Data and Reports
New in this release is inventory data collection.  As a part of automated discovery FrameFlow also collects inventory data which is used to feed an entirely new set of reports.  These reports give you insight into your hardware and software inventory, grouping systems by their important attributes and offering a high-level view of assets.

V7.0: Search Bar
Version 7.0 adds a new search bar at the top of the interface.  To find any device or event monitor, simply start typing and FrameFlow will show all matching items.  It’s never been easier to navigate and find the monitoring data you need.

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