FrameFlow v7.0 Beta 2 Released


FrameFlow v7.0 Beta 2

We’re very happy to announce that the second beta release for FrameFlow Server Monitor and FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor is now available for download.  As with beta 1 this release is available for all licensed users or by invitation for evaluation users.

Updates Since Beta 1

We’ve made a lot of changes since last beta was released.  We’ve made further changes to the color scheme and icons with the result that color-coded status is much more effective than before.  You’ll find that items which have failed checks now stand out in the interface much more clearly than before.

New in Beta 2 is support for SNMPv3.  We’ve added SNMPv3 support in all of our SNMP event monitors giving you new options to monitor your switches, routers and other IT gear.   We added multi-graphs for our SNMP Bandwidth event monitor so you can see incoming/outgoing/total bandwidth all in one graph for any interface or the total switch bandwidth.

Along the way we also corrected a number of display issues in the interface, fixed display issues for older versions of Internet Explorer,  improved tips and help throughout, fixed formatting issues for some dashboard graphs and much more.

What’s Next?

Beta 2 will be the last pre-release before the official v7.0 release which is tentatively scheduled for May 5th.  Over the next while we’ll be working hard to fix any reported issues and polish up any remaining rough spots in the interface and documentation.  There’s been a ton of interest in v7.0 and we’ve had great feedback but we’re looking for more!  So we encourage you to log into your account on our site and download beta 2.  The build number for beta 2 is 3526 so after installing, verify that build number is shown at the bottom of the page in the interface and have fun exploring!

Update: May 5th 2014
Just a bit longer before the v7.0 release. We’ve found some issues with the new inventory reports that we need to correct. We’re now aiming for May 8th.

Update: May 9th 2014
We missed our target release date yesterday but won’t much longer. There were some last minute issues with running the interface on IIS and some issues with page refreshes but we have those resolved now. We’re running through our test plans again today and when that’s done we’ll post an update here.


The FrameFlow Team
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