FrameFlow v7.0 Officially Released


We’re very pleased to announce that version 7.0 for FrameFlow Server Monitor and FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor has been released.

This new version includes many features that you guys have been asking for. Some highlights include:

Maintenance Windows: You can define scheduled or one-time maintenance windows and apply them to one or more network devices using profiles. It’s a great way to pause monitoring and alerting during planned periods of down time.

Automated Discovery: Our old device finder tool has been upgrade and improved. As before you can create device discovery scans that will search an IP range or look in Active Directory for new network devices. But now you can schedule scans to occur on a regular basis and choose which device groups the discovered devices will go into.

Hardware & Software Inventory: During discovery scans FrameFlow can collect inventory data that is used to feed new reports. Now you can get a hardware summary report showing the CPU, drive, network and other system properties for all of your devices. Or get an application report show all detected apps then click through one for details. Want to know which exactly systems have SQL Server 2012 installed on them? That information is just two clicks away.

New User Interface: We’ve redesigned and modernized the interface. You’ll find that it has the same structure as before but a new look and feel. As you explore you’ll discover great new features and options including the ones listed below.

New Search Bar: At the top right you’ll find our new search bar. Just start typing and it will help you to instantly find any network device or event monitor. It saves a lot of clicking and navigation in the tree especially for those of you who are monitoring 100s or 1000s of systems.

Drag and Drop Organization: Now you can arrange your network devices, event monitors and groups just by dragging them to new folder in the tree. It’s easier than ever to build a logical monitoring structure that matches the way your organization works.

Dynamic Tree: The tree on the left side where you organize your network devices and event monitors is now loaded dynamically. This makes a huge difference in page load times especially for those of you with large monitoring configurations. We tested with up to 5000 monitored systems and the interface was smooth and responsive all the time.

Support for SNMPv3: Now all of our SNMP event monitors support SNMPv3 as well as v1 and v2c. This lets you use FrameFlow to monitor more of your network infrastructure across a secure SNMP backbone.

New Multi-Graphs: Now you can see incoming/outgoing/total bandwidth for your network interfaces together in one graph. The same goes for drive space and other graph data types. Multi-graphs give superb compact views of monitoring trends and status.

And more! Those are the big highlights but along the way we’ve added new options and new features all through the products.

If you’re a licensed FrameFlow user, log into your account to get the licensed version. If you’re in the evaluation phase, just head over to our download page again. Either way our setup program will upgrade you to v7.0 while preserving all of your settings and configuration.


The FrameFlow Team