FrameFlow Version 6.5.2 Released

We are very happy to announce that version 6.5.2 for FrameFlow and FrameFlow MSP were released today. This version includes a number of fixes and improvements.

Some of you reported that graphs were not displaying in dashboards when running the interface on IIS. We fixed that and now they show up both on IIS and through our integrated web server.

You might have noticed that in the reports many of the graphs did not have the same style as the new dynamics graphs in the other parts of the interface. We fixed that too and at the same time we redesigned the layout of the PDF reports. They now look much more slick and make much better use of the available space.

In the previous release there were a number of issues with installing and configuring remote nodes for FrameFlow MSP. Version 6.5.2 corrects those and now you’ll see that installation and upgrades are super easy.

Thanks to everyone who helped us track down these issues. We’re already working hard on the next major update and we have some great new features coming your way.