FrameFlow Version 6.8.4 Released


We are very happy to announce that v6.8.4 is now available on our web site.  As usual licensed users can get it by logging into their account on our site here:

For those who are in the evaluation phase you can just download again from our site.  Either way our setup program will upgrade you to the latest release while preserving all of your settings and it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Version 6.8.4 is a maintenance release to squash few bugs that have been discovered over the last few weeks.  We fixed issues with report building and settings selection.  We fixed an issue with editing settings for the SNMP event monitor when using Internet Explorer, fixed a problem in the Start Up Wizard and more.  There’s one small change included too:  Our alphanumeric pager notifications now include the device name in the notification making it easier than before to identify the source of the notification.

Here is the complete list of fixes and updates:

  • Alphanumeric pager notifications now include the device name in the alert text.
  • Fixed a problem affecting script notifications when multiple scripts are present.
  • Fixed a problem that affected the option to monitor physical interfaces only in the SNMP Bandwidth event monitor.
  • Fixed a problem where the Performance Counter event monitor would not warn if a counter was missing on the remote system.
  • Fixed a problem with using the device chooser in the settings for device icons in network diagram dashboards.
  • Fixed a problem where the spreadsheet view did not showed blank authentication values for some types of event monitors.
  • Fixed a problem that affected editing SNMP event monitor settings when using Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a problem where the starup wizard could fail to detect device type selections.
  • Fixed a time zone issue that affected the RSS feed option when viewed using Firefox.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause an error message while editing reports.
  • Fixed a problem that could intermittently cause report builds to fail.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent reports from being delivered by e-mail.

Meanwhile we’re working hard on the big v7.0 updated which is due for release towards the end of the year.  It’s going to include a lot in the way of major new functionality and huge scalability & performance updates.