FrameFlow Version 6.8.6 Released

FrameFlow Version 6.8.6 Released

We are very happy to announce that v6.8.6 is now available on our web site. As usual licensed users can get it by logging into their account on our site here:

For those who are in the evaluation phase you can just download again from our site. Either way our setup program will upgrade you to the latest release while preserving all of your settings and it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Version 6.8.6 includes fixes for a number of reported issues.

We fixed an issue that could cause device status to be displayed incorrectly under certain rare circumstances. It occurred if you had a scripting event monitor (PowerShell, JScript, VBScript or Perlscript) that was not assigned to network devices and you and one or more other scripting event monitors that were assigned to devices. It was most noticable in network diagram dashboards where you might see a device in an error state when in fact it only had unviewed events.

We fixed some issues in reports, especially in PDF reports, where some values were not scaled correctly and we fixed a rare bug that could cause the interface to be slow to load on the very first load after a reboot.

But v6.8.6 isn’t only about fixes, it also includes a few new features and improvements. First, we updated the internals of our PowerShell event monitor. Previously there were some scripts that needed special modifications in order to run with the event monitor, especially if PowerShell v4.0 was installed. The latest version runs all scripts without modification.

In v6.8.5 we added a FrameFlow MSP option to run script notifications on remote nodes. Previously all notification scripts ran on the master console which meant they couldn’t be used to take corrective action based on monitoring results. In v6.8.5 the option had to be activated manually and had some restrictions. In v6.8.6 it is a full-fledged option that you can select from right in the FF interface.

We hope you enjoy this latest release and stay tuned for an update on FrameFlow v7.0 which will enter beta testing soon!

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