Hotfix for Linux/SSH Command Event Monitor

One of the many event monitors included with FrameFlow is our Linux/SSH Command event monitor. With it you can connect to any system that supports SSH (maybe even Windows Server someday), run a command and parse the results.

We recently released a hotfix for this event monitor and here you can learn more about it.

Parse Your Results and Perform Custom Content Checks

Parsing results is one of the strengths of the event monitor. Of course you can do text checks, like alerting, if the output contains or does not contain specified strings. And you can do numeric checks to alert if the output value exceeds a threshold that you define.

Even better, you can perform custom content checks. With this option enabled you can write a little bit of Javascript to do any parsing you want. You can split the results into lines, combine multiple values or even use regular expressions to generate alerts showing success, warning, error or critical status levels.

Get Your Hotfix if You’re Experiencing an Error with Our Linux/SSH Command Event Monitor

Since we released FrameFlow v2016.7, we’ve had a few reports¬†from customers who were getting an unexpected error message from Linux/SSH Command event monitor after upgrading. We have a hotfix for that now so if you are affected, drop us a note at¬†and we’ll get back to you with a download link and instructions to install it.