Monitoring Options

Monitoring Options

FrameFlow has over 85 different monitoring types and hundreds of options to choose from.It's like a Swiss Army knife for all of your IT monitoring requirements.

System Health Monitoring

Our System Health event monitor tracks CPU, bandwidth, drive space, memory usage and ping response time all in one go. Not only that, it populates standard dashboards and reports giving you actionable data right away.

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Detailed Health Metrics

Need more granularity? FrameFlow has individual dedicated event monitors for each of the key system health metrics. Each one of them gives you dozens of more monitoring options.

SNMP Monitoring

Catch SNMP traps and use SNMP polling to watch your switches, routers and other networking gear. It works great with your UPSs, PDUs and other power equipment too. Monitor bandwidth, interface status or any other SNMP values.

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Windows Monitoring

Monitor Active Directory, Exchange Server, Windows event logs, performance counters, Windows Updates, registry settings, DHCP allocations and much more.

Linux Monitoring

Keep tabs on your Linux-based systems by monitoring processes, daemons, file systems, CPU usage, log files, MySQL databases, and more.



Extensible With Scripting

With a few lines of PowerShell or JavaScript you can integrate custom monitoring tasks into our alerting and notification engine. It's super easy and we provide sample code to get you started.

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FrameFlow has over 85 different monitoring types and hundreds of individual options.

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