Multi-Site Monitoring

Monitor Systems at Multiple Remote Locations

Multi-Site Monitoring

FrameFlow is the perfect solution for monitoring systems at multiple sites.

Install the FrameFlow master console at your headquarters. Then, on one system at each remote site, you install the FrameFlow remote node. The remote node calls home to the master console using secure HTTPS/SSL. The remote node can monitor hundreds or thousands of systems all from one system at each site.

All configuration, dashboards, reports and management is done from the FrameFlow master console giving you a unified view of all network operations.

Easy Deployment

Rolling out a multi-site monitoring configuration takes only a few minutes. Just run the FrameFlow setup at your headquarters and select the option to install a new master console. Enable login security to control access to the console. Open a port so your remote nodes can call home and forward it to your FrameFlow box.

Then at your first remote site, run the FrameFlow setup again and select the option to install a remote node. Enter your credentials and the web path to the FrameFlow box. The setup program will verify connectivity and then you’re done.

Easy Configuration

All configuration is done from the master console. Using the console you can add new devices, configure new checks, view dashboards, build reports and more. As you work at the master console, the remote nodes call home on a regular basis and automatically pick up any changes to their configuration.

Easy Maintenance

FrameFlow makes sure maintenance and upgrades are easy too. When a new version of FrameFlow is available just upgrade your master console. Over the course of the next ten minutes your remote nodes will auto-upgrade themselves.


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