New Features for Process Monitoring

We’re adding some great new options to the Process Event Monitors for Linux and Windows. The new options allow you to monitor processes for memory or CPU but select not to warn if the process isn’t found.

It’s great for those conditions where a process runs on a schedule and most of the time it finishes just fine but sometimes it gets into an infinite loop or consumes way too much memory.

With the new options to not warn if the process isn’t found you can catch it when it misbehaves but without being alerted when it’s not found. ¬† The updates are being applied in both the Linux and Windows process event monitors which are available in the Linux Monitoring Pack and Windows Monitoring Pack, respectively.

They’re be included in the next beta which will be labeled version 0.9.2 and it’s due late this week.

Don’t forget you try any add-on for free for 30 days. ¬†Just go to the Add-ons page in the FrameFlow interface and select the ones you want to try.



  1. Chris Williams says:

    It would be nice if there were a FF status icon in the system tray, while the FF browser window was open. It coulbe be green for “all clear” and “red” when errors are reported. I’m finding that, while doing other work, the FF window is sometimes covered and I can’t see the status. We do have notification setup so we get emails. But, if I saw a red, flashing icon in my system tray, it would speed up my response time. Just a thought! Love the product thus far!! Thanks!!

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