FrameFlow Launches New Website for 2018

FrameFlow Launches New Website for 2018

In January, FrameFlow kicked off 2018 with a major release (FrameFlow Version 2018.1) and the launch of our new website, which is specifically designed to better communicate what FrameFlow server and IT monitoring software is all about and how it can benefit your business or organization.

In today’s digital world, we’re often overwhelmed with information overload. The new FrameFlow site has stripped out much of the finer, supporting details of our software, such as knowledge base articles, tips and techniques for getting the most out of FrameFlow, along with our forums and support tickets, reserving this repository of information for our support portal  a great resource for seasoned FrameFlow users or those giving our free trial a spin for the first time. Instead, we’ve chosen to focus our site on highlighting the fundamental elements that make FrameFlow stand out as one of the most versatile and easy-to-use IT monitoring platforms on the market.

The new FrameFlow site has a streamlined look and feel, aligning it with the fashion of today’s websites and guided by the notion that sometimes, ‘less is more.’ On our homepage, the first thing you’ll notice is a simple slide deck, where we emphasize the pillars of our platform, in a few concise summaries, accompanied by images chosen to resonate with the IT community that FrameFlow is proud to serve and support. We go into a bit more detail about these attributes, further down the homepage, but visitors can also click on the “Learn More” button for more details on FrameFlow’s core features:

FrameFlow makes sure your critical IT Systems are always up and running

FrameFlow is monitoring software that runs checks against your servers and IT systems 24×7. Get customized alerts about any concerns, if a device fails a check or crosses a threshold, before these issues become big problems. Stay on top of your network and system status across the board.

Extreme Scalability

Some monitoring platforms top out or bog down at 100 or 500 IT systems. Take it to a higher level with FrameFlow. Do you have 1,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 systems to keep track of? No problem, FrameFlow is highly optimized and ready to scale to the needs of your organization as you grow.

Unified Monitoring

FrameFlow monitors more than just servers. Track all your switches, routers and networking gear, workstations, power equipment, printers, HVAC systems and much more. FrameFlow also monitors your applications, processes, web servers, bandwidth and scripts as your complete, unified IT monitoring solution. FrameFlow can replace a lot of the native and disparate monitoring applications that accompany many devices… simplifying the whole process and streamlining your alerts!

Effortless Multi-Site Monitoring

Monitor IT systems at multiple locations, whether in the same city or across the world and track everything through one elegant master console. Simply install the FrameFlow remote node, on one system at each remote site, and have all the data for all your systems displayed on the master console in your office, or on the big screen in your operations center.

Extensible Through Scripting

Whip up a bit of PowerShell code and integrate it directly with FrameFlow’s monitoring and alerting engines… we even provide some sample code to get you started. Custom monitoring, for unique tasks specific to your organization, has never been easier with FrameFlow.

Easy-to-Build Beautiful Dashboards

FrameFlow is easy to use and setup. Point, click, drag and drop. That’s all it takes to build beautiful custom dashboards that incorporate graphs, gauges, data point values, network diagrams and much more, all created within our elegant web-based dashboard editor. Build multiple dashboards and then launch them as a rotating slideshow.

Product: What Exactly Does FrameFlow Do? How Does It Work?

The new product section on our website, drills down a bit further to look under the hood of FrameFlow. On our Features page, we provide images of FrameFlow in action and a few more details about the core elements of FrameFlow, highlighted on the homepage. For those who prefer the visual tour, we have a dedicated section that we’ll be filling with some of our most popular screenshots and videos. We also show you what the notification types look like and how to schedule, escalate and customize your alerts. Next, we offer up some sample PowerShell scripting to show how simple it is to tap into FrameFlow’s extensibility to cover custom monitoring types, unique to your organization. Finally, we show you how easy it is to deploy, configure and maintain Multi-Site monitoring, outlining the relationships of monitored systems and nodes with the FrameFlow Master Console.

Try It Now

At this point, many of our prospects are ready to give FrameFlow a test spin, and our new site makes this very easy to do. You can download a free 30-day-trial of FrameFlow, no credit card or obligation required. A little further down the page, we provide the minimum and recommended hardware specs, including an option for large-scale plans.


Our pricing is nearly as versatile as our platform, ranging from low-cost monthly subscription options, based on the number of devices monitored, to large-scale plans, enterprise licensing and perpetual licensing options. FrameFlow is deployed by Fortune 500 companies, monitors over 85 important IT functions and scales-up to continuously scan over 10,000 devices and sensors, all in one install. 


Even though our support portal is now the go-to point for our tips, techniques and technical resources, and of course any support tickets, we provide a nice overview about FrameFlow software in section of our new site; FrameFlow’s features and functionality; how to place an order; the details of our 30-day free evaluation and much more in our FAQs. You can also quickly scan our Change Log for a detailed list of updates in each successive version of FrameFlow. These items are found in a simplified drop-down menu, that is easy to navigate… and also matches nicely with our new modernized logo in the upper right.

About FrameFlow

Check out our About Us section to find out more about FrameFlow as a company. You’ll also find links to previous editions of our Newsletter, where we keep you posted about our software updates, and some of the areas we are researching, testing and thinking about as we strive to continuously offer a superior product. In our blog, we dive deeper into the details of our offering, our latest developments and improvements, emerging industry trends, best practices for monitoring your IT systems and servers, and much more in this exciting space!

The Latest from FrameFlow Now in Our Footer

Finally, in the footer for our new site you’ll find a quick snapshot of feeds for our latest blog posts and tweets, to keep you abreast of what we might be working on or thinking about, and what’s happening in the industry. Our contact info, social media links and a convenient search field for our site, are all nestled nicely in here as well.

Try FrameFlow – Book a Demo

After getting a sense of our product offering from our site, we then extend an invite for visitors to try our software, free for 30 days. In the new site, we’ve simplified the download process. We also invite interested prospects to book a 30-minute demo, through our easy online booking system.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and encourage you to drop us a line about any feedback regarding the changes we’ve made.

James Taylor
James Taylor

James is the lead for FrameFlow’s sales and marketing efforts. Through blog posts and web original web content, he’s focused on telling the FrameFlow story about how our software helps you to make sure your critical systems are up and running.