New Web Site Content

We’ve been busy working on new content for our web site and you’ll likely notice some differences.  With the release of v6.7 and our new Cloud Alert service we gave each product its own top level section. Common functionality is found in sets of links with the title “Learn More About FrameFlow And…”.  There’s a lot of great content there and even experienced FrameFlow users might find some cool new features that they didn’t know about.

We’ve also been adding more videos and technical articles.

The first videos are introductory ones helping people who are new to FrameFlow to jump start their monitoring configuration.  We’ll be adding a lot more and soon will be covering advanced topics.  If there are topics that you are particularly interested in then let us know.

Our list of technical articles is growing.  We recently added articles for troubleshooting problems related to Windows performance counters and for regaining accessing to the FrameFlow interface for those rare conditions when another app steals our port number after a system restart.