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Video: Coordinate Team Efforts with Logbook Entries

Logbook Entries Facilitate Your Team's Response to Potential Problems

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About Logbook Entries

Each time FrameFlow checks one of your IT systems, it generates an event history record that clearly explains the check that was perform and what the result was. Logbook entries allow to attach notes to these events, helping to keep your team members informed about who is working on what.

Logbook Status Levels

Events with warning, error or critical status levels will be marked as "New" and a star will appear beside them in the FrameFlow interface. Clicking on the star will allow you add logbook text and change the status. For example, when an alert first arrives you might attach a logbook entry to it and gives it the status of "Assigned". In the notes field you can enter who it has been assigned to.

When that staff member starts investigating the issue, they can change the logbook entry's status to "In Progress". Then finally when the issue is resolve you can change it to "Closed".

Team Coordination

Efficient use of FrameFlow's logbook functionality helps your team members to stay coordinated as they respond to potential problems and changing network conditions.

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