Selecting Custom Device Icons

We have another new feature coming your way and we’d like to share a sneak peek of it.



Some of you who have been using FrameFlow for a long time may remember that early releases didn’t have a web interface. Instead you accessed your monitoring configuration using a desktop application. That was pretty inconvenient especially as we started to expand into the enterprise monitoring space so years ago we bit the bullet and reworked everything to build a new web-based interface. One of the features that got lost in the transition was the ability to select custom icons for your devices.

We’re happy to tell you that this option is coming back in the next major release. In the screenshot above you can see how each device has its own icon. We’ve integrated this with our existing network diagram abilities so now when you add a device to a diagram it automatically uses the device icon there, but of course you can override it if you choose.  This feature is coming in a major update scheduled for September but if you’re eager to try it now  contact us and we’ll get you access to a pre-release that includes it now.