FrameFlow Features

FrameFlow: Professional System Monitoring Software

FrameFlow is system monitoring software. It runs tests against your critical IT systems 24x7 and alerts you if any device fails a check or crosses a threshold. With hundreds of monitoring options, FrameFlow is the comprehensive solution for monitoring all your IT equipment.

Complete IT Monitoring

Servers, switches, routers, workstations, printers, UPS's, PDU's and HVAC systems? FrameFlow can help you monitor them all. Applications, processes, web servers, and scripts? FrameFlow monitors them too. FrameFlow is the unified solution for all of your IT equipment.

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Monitor All Your Critical Systems

FrameFlow runs tests 24x7 and make sure your critical systems are up and running. If a system is down, fails a check or crosses a threshold, FrameFlow alerts you by multiple methods including email, text message and voice phone call.


Build Beautiful Dashboards

Point, click, drag and drop. That's all it takes to build beautiful custom dashboards that incorporate graphs, gauges, data point values, network diagrams and much more. Build multiple dashboards and then launch them as a rotating slideshow.


Some monitoring solutions top out or bog down at 100 or 500 systems. FrameFlow is highly optimized and ready to scale as you grow. We have helped our customers to deploy configurations with more than 20,000 systems being monitored.

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