FrameFlow Newsletter 2017-01

Keep Up to Date on the Latest FrameFlow News

Welcome to 2017!
Looking back, 2016 was our biggest year ever. We added to our development team, expanded our sales and marketing efforts, and deepened our ties with critical partners. On the technical side, we added new event monitors, new dashboard options, awesome new graph features, new multi-site failover options and so much more. All of that was based on input from people like you and best of all it helped us to bring onboard many new customers. Our thanks go out to all of you and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with you.

Coming in 2017
We’ve already been working on some big changes that will be rolled out to you early this year.

One big change is the move to 64-bits. Until now every FrameFlow release used 32-bit executables. This gave us the best flexibility to support older versions of Windows which we know some of you were still running. That said, the last server version of Windows that came in a 32-bit edition was Windows Server 2008 which was released almost nine years ago.

64-Bit Boost
Moving to 64-bit binaries is more than just a fun project for our development team, and in this case, “fun” really means “difficult, annoying and tedious.” It lets us scale our monitoring abilities in a dramatic way by introducing new hyper-efficient data store technologies. We can already monitor thousands of systems from a single FrameFlow install but this lets us take things to a new level using a high performance embedded database.

Looking for more technical details on all this? Check out our blog post called Farewell to 32-Bits.