FrameFlow Newsletter – April 2015

FrameFlow v2015.2 Beta 3

This month we released FrameFlow v2015.2 beta 3. During our earlier testing the feedback we got was that people loved the multiple threshold levels but needed the ability to make some of them optional. As an example, it would be great if you could specify a warning threshold for ping response times without necessarily specifying failure and critical thresholds at the same time. The other feedback we got was that some of the event monitor settings pages were becoming cluttered with all the new options.

In beta 3 we have addressed both of these. Now you can enter “-” in any box to tell our monitoring engine to skip that threshold and only check based on the other thresholds that you have explicitly entered. Also, threshold options now slide down when you select the corresponding checkbox which means they remain tucked up and invisible unless they are actually in use.

Also in beta 3 we:
– Dramatically reduced number of disk i/o operation used by the monitoring engine.
– Reworked and improved the options for Active Directory monitoring.
– Added the ability to exclude selected network devices from any event monitor’s check.
– and fixed various issues that we discovered along the way.

Beta 3 is pretty solid but so if you’re eager to give it a go then log into your account on our site where you’ll find it listed just underneath the regular download links.

Server Monitoring Industry News

Patch Tuesday fell on the 14th of April and it included 11 fixes with 4 of them rated as critical and the rest rated as important. Fixes are included for issues with Internet Explorer and Office, as well as a pair of critical fixes for client side and server side HTTP issues. For complete details see the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2015.

FrameFlow Newswire

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