FrameFlow Newsletter – August 2015

FrameFlow v2015.6

Since last month we’ve released a few updates and the current release number is 2015.6. Some of the changes include fixes for recently discovered issues, new event monitor import/export options, new Logon Security event monitor options and more.

The 2015.6 also includes a fix for an issue affecting login security when Windows-integrated login types are used. With Windows-integrated logins there’s a condition where the credentials may not be correctly validated and could allow a user to login if they knew the name of a defined account name. This has been fixed in the 2015.6 release. 

As a result, if you’re running on an earlier release we highly recommend that you upgrade when possible to take advantage of these fixes and improvements.

October Release

We are still targeting a major update for release in October. The focus is on dashboards and reports and early betas are in the hands of some customers already. When it’s ready you’re going to see big improvements to the panel-based dashboards including easier editing, improved panel options and many new types of dashboard elements to choose from.

Server Monitoring Industry News

This month’s Patch Tuesday delivered 4 fixes rated as Critical and 11 rated as Important. The critical ones affected Internet Explorer, Office components and even general Windows components. With each of them presenting the possibility of remote code execution, it’s vital to get these patched now if you haven’t already.

One thing that we found curious in this month’s release is a fix marked as Important with the title “Vulnerabilities in RDP Could Allow Remote Code Execution (3080348)” also known as MS15-082. Remote Desktop is the workhorse of Windows system administration and we’d think that any issue with it that involves remote code execution deserves something more than just “important”. In any case it’s just another reason to patch soon and patch often.

FrameFlow Newswire

And in other news we have an exciting development to share with you. We’ll still be working hard to help you keep the servers going and keep the network flowing but this month we are announcing a significant change in the FrameFlow leadership team. See the following press release for complete details.

Press Release: Elon Musk to Take the Reins at FrameFlow

The FrameFlow Support Team
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