FrameFlow Newsletter – August 2016

Version 2016.5 Released

Version 2016.5 has been available for a couple of weeks now. This version includes several performance improvements that you’ll benefit from especially if you are using SNMP monitoring. It also fixes a number of relatively minor issues that were reported over the previous weeks. Version 2016.5 is our current stable release and is recommend for everyone.

Coming Soon: v2016.6 Pre-release

In our last newsletter we told you a bit about the new UPS event monitor coming in this year’s .6 release. We had planned to have a pre-release available earlier this month but it was delayed so our developers could synchronize their efforts and get a few new features into the build.

Expect it about a week from now and when it is available you’ll be able to get it by logging into your account on our site.

One exciting addition is a new Dell iDRAC event monitor. You may have already seen our HP iLO event monitor which performs hardware based monitoring for your HP systems. The new iDrac event monitor does the same for your Dell systems. It looks for failed power supplies, degraded RAID systems, malfunctioning fans and more. It also records power usage and temperature related data points on each run.

Version 2016.6 is going to be a major update. In addition to the UPS and iDrac monitors we’re also adding a new Disk I/O event monitor, new directory monitoring options, the ability to assign custom icons to your devices, slide-out graphs for key metrics, options to include tags in key metrics, filter options in all data point choosers and more.

Heard of Ubiquiti?

Do you use wireless networking products manufactured and sold by Ubiquiti Networks? If so, we want to hear from you. In particular if you’re using products in the airFiber, NanoBeam, Rocket and EdgeRouter product lines we’d like to get your input on an internal project that we have in the works.