FrameFlow Newsletter – December 2014

FrameFlow v7.0.7 Released

We released FrameFlow v7.0.7 on December 10th and, if you’re running an earlier release, we encourage you to upgrade. This new version adds two SQL Server monitoring options and fixes a few issues; in particular, one issue that affected editing dashboards.

One new SQL monitoring option is the ability to choose which record set will be checked for the text that you specify. Previously, everything worked great if you had a basic query and wanted to check the results. But lately we’ve been working with customers who are checking the results of multi-stage queries, each of which can generate a records set. This new option lets you target the record set that has the data you want to monitor.

A second new option is one that you can enable if you are using SQL Server group listeners and failover cluster instances. With this option enabled, you’ll get better results and faster monitoring performance. If you are checking standalone SQL Servers, leave this option off as it can actually cause performance degradation in these cases.

FrameFlow 7.1 Sneak Peek

FrameFlow v7.1 is ever so close to a first beta release. There’s a lot going into it and, as we’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest updates is support for multiple alert levels. Now instead of just success vs. failure, you can define thresholds for what is a success, a warning, an error or a critical error.

For an example see the following light panel dashboard element that shows all of the new status levels in action:

The status indicators also carry over to the tree allowing you to drill down and quickly identify issues that require attention. Device groups inherit the highest level of their devices and subgroups. So, for example, if a group contains three devices in a warning state and one in a critical state then the group’s status is critical. To see how it looks check out this screen shot:


If you look very carefully you might spot another user interface change. More on that is coming soon.

Server Monitoring Industry News

Another month and another major vulnerability was in the news. This time it was the return of the POODLE bug (aka CVE-2014-8730). Many systems are affected so it’s important to get busy patching if you have not already done so. Appliances from both F5 Networks and A10 Networks were affected, but patches were available the day the issue was announced.

For technical details about the vulnerability, and a bit about the origin of its quirky name, see our blog post POODLE 2.0: Here We Go Again (CVE-2014-8730).

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday fell on December 9th this month. This is the last Patch Tuesday for 2014 and it includes fixes for three critical flaws and four others rated as important. For complete details see the official Microsoft security bulletin.

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season will be here shortly and we know from experience that long after the eggnog has been consumed, sysadmins around the world will still be working to make sure the servers are going and the network is flowing. Take a moment to enjoy the The Sysadmin’s 12 Days of Christmas. On the twelfth day of Christmas, my CIO gave to me…

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