FrameFlow Newsletter – December 2016

Version 2016.7 Released

In mid-December we released FrameFlow v2016.7, a maintenance update for the big 2016.6 release. It fixed a number of relatively small issues and added a few new features too. In particular the Syslog event monitor now groups messages by the originating device and ties them to the event history for each. Also, we added new options to the device finder and discovery event monitors to automatically format device names in your preferred format. So if you prefer “hostname.domain.local” or “HOSTNAME.domain.local” or even “Hostname.Domain.Local”, we’ve got you covered.

The Unhelpful Helper Service

Among the fixes is one for an important issue where the new “Helper” service turned out to be not so helpful after all. At some sites we saw that it could cause the monitoring queue to stall but luckily there was an easy workaround using the config.ini file. If you upgrade 2016.7 the workaround is no longer necessary.

What is the helper service anyway? The helper service is designed to offload some monitoring tasks from the main FrameFlow service. The result is much more efficient monitoring for many operations allowing you to monitor more things in shorter timeframe. In the 2016.7 release the helper service runs but is not used. But don’t worry, the helper service will make a triumphant return in the next release which is planned for early 2017.

FrameFlow Newswire

As you can see we’re a day behind on this month’s newsletter and our usual special press release is not ready yet. It will be coming soon though so keep an eye on our newsletter archive page:


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