Newswire: Elon Musk to Take the Reins at FrameFlow


OTTAWA, CANADA, August 31st 2015. In a surprise move Elon Musk, head of Telsa Motors, SpaceX and other well-known forwarding-thinking brands has announced that he is stepping down to take control at FrameFlow Software, a relatively unknown start up in the server monitoring industry.

FrameFlow officials had been observed trying to lure Mr. Musk to join their venture without initial success. Police records show that repeated phone calls to Mr. Musk resulted in a restraining order in mid 2015. More serious charges were laid later in the year, when FrameFlow officials attempted to capture Mr. Musk using a large butterfly net as he left Tesla Headquarters. The charges were dropped when FrameFlow officials agreed to no longer pursue such heavy-handed tactics and allowed the butterfly net to be confiscated by authorities.

Based on this history, industry analyts were perplexed as to why Mr. Musk would agree to join FrameFlow. At a press conference outside FrameFlow headquarters, Mr. Musk shed some light on the sitation. He was quoted as saying, “Those FrameFlow guys have an awesome legal team. They found an obscure clause in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that says I have to accept their offer. Of course it is vital that we respect our treaty obligations with our northernly neighbor so today I’m announcing that I’m folding up Telsa, SpaceX and Solar City so I can give my full attention to FrameFlow and the burgeoning server monitoring industry.”

Former President and CEO, Donald Leclair, is expected to continue to play an advisory role to a new team that Mr. Musk will assemble in the coming weeks. In a private interview Mr. Leclair said he was looking forward to working with Mr. Musk and said that he had gone so far as to “reserve a small space in the cafeteria fridge where Elon can keep his sandwiches if he wants.”

World markets were in turmoil as analysts struggled to understand how this unexpected turn of events could have come about. Major indexes were down as much as 15% with shares in Telsa Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) trading down in penny stock territory.

FrameFlow shares (NASDAQ:FRMFLW) closed up 328%, trading at new 52-week high of $382.12.

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