FrameFlow Newsletter – February 2015

FrameFlow v7.1.0 BETA

FrameFlow v7.1.0 is finally available for download. This is an early beta release and for testing only so do not install on production systems. But you’re welcome to spark up a virtual machine and install the beta to get a view of what’s coming in the official v7.1 release.

The big highlights include:

– New support for success, warning, error and critical event levels in all event monitors.
– New menu bar that groups major user interface sections together.
– Lightning fast response time in all parts of the user interface.
– Redesigned device discovery and system properties updates.

At the moment the 7.1 beta is only available for FrameFlow Server Monitor. The next beta will include FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor as well.

We are actively looking for feedback, so please send your comments and suggestions to and we’ll use them to refine the beta and prepare the officially release.

You can get your hands on the beta by logging into your account on our site.

So take it for a spin, but remember it’s not for production systems.

Server Monitoring Industry News

Network World recently featured an article called “Whatever happened to the IPv4 address crisis?” which provides a very good overview of the crisis that hasn’t quite happened yet and how carriers are moving towards full IPv6 deployments.

Patch Tuesday fell on the 10th of February and it included 3 critical fixes and 6 important ones. Microsoft listed all the fixes in their regular security bulletin so check it out for the full details. The three critical issues have the potential for remote code exploits, so if you haven’t already patched all your systems it’s critical to get it done as soon as possible.

We have a few hours to go before we say goodbye to February 2015, but so far it is looking like the first month in a while to go by without someone announcing a major security vulnerability in a widely used protocol. 

Are you planning to upgrade your Hyper-V training? Having a mobile Hyper-V setup on solid laptop is a great resource, but getting Hyper-V to play nicely with wireless networking is a challenge. This article called “Hyper-V and Wireless networking” is from Microsoft and it provides excellent technical details answering: “why does it work sometimes, and not work other times?”

Lastly, Windows 10 has been getting coverage all over the tech press, but what about the server edition? Microsoft has been quiet about it and had revealed very few details, at least that was until they dropped this bombshell: Microsoft reports no new Windows Server release until 2016.  We hope you love Server 2012 R2 as much as we do, because it’s all we’ve got for some time.

FrameFlow Newswire

That’s all for now, but before you sign off and get back to work, we have one more exciting piece of news to share with you:

Press Release: FrameFlow Announces Hostile Takeover Bid for Google

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