FrameFlow Newsletter – February 2016

FrameFlow 2016.2 Released

FrameFlow v2016.2 is now available for download. In this release our SNMP monitoring gets a big boost with more options for SNMPv3 monitoring. We now support MD5, SHA, DES and AES covering all of the major encryption and privacy options supported by SNMPv3. There are also some new options for drive space monitoring, a fix for a slightly obscure web site monitoring problem, and few other updates. As usual the complete details can be found in our change log.

Coming Soon

Dashboards are a major focus of our next big update and the image below shows a few examples of new panel types and options. You’ll notice that the battery displays are new. They are implemented as a new type of gauge and they are perfect when combined with an SNMP event monitor to watch a UPS or PDU. The analog clock looks great especially if you have offices in different time zones and you line up a few of them showing local time at each location. That’s just a few examples. We have many more new options coming your way.


FrameFlow Newswire

This month we’re very excited to announce a brand new FrameFlow edition that we think is going to be even more popular than FrameFlow Server Monitor and FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor.

See our press release for complete details:

Press Release: FrameFlow Announces New Minecraft Edition

The FrameFlow Support Team
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