Newswire: FrameFlow to Support RFC 2549 Notifications


March 31st 2017. OTTAWA, CANADA. At a widely attended press conference this afternoon, FrameFlow announced upcoming support for the RFC 2549 standard which will be used to deliver a new class of notifications and alerts.

“Today we are showing the server monitoring industry what innovation means.” said FrameFlow President and CEO, Donald Leclair. “FrameFlow will shortly offer support for an important Internet standard that no other server monitoring vendor has yet supported. Full support for RFC 2549 is the start of a new era in notification technology.”

Originally published almost exactly 18 years ago in 1999 on the first of April, RFC 2549 (also known as “IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service”) is by no means a new standard and it is puzzling why it has taken the server monitoring industry so long to adopt it.

Analysts were upbeat on this latest move by FrameFlow. “This really solidifies their position as the leader in the server and network monitoring space. Based on that we are upgrading our guidance on their shares from ‘Strong Buy’ to ‘Really, Really Strong Buy. Get it Right Now’, our new highest rating introduced specifically for FrameFlow.”

FrameFlow (NASDAQ:FRMFLOW) shares leapt 37% on the news closing at a new 52-week high.

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