Newswire: FrameFlow Announces New Minecraft Edition


OTTAWA, CANADA. February 29th 2016. At a packed press conference at their world headquarters in Ottawa, FrameFlow officials announced today a new edition of their flagship product. Along with their single site monitoring edition and multi-site monitoring edition there will be a new FrameFlow Minecraft Edition.

The new edition includes Minecraft imagery, custom skins and even support for modpacks all running right in the FrameFlow interface. It even includes Minecraft-themed alerts that go beyond basic email notifications.

Said Mr. Don Leclair, president and CEO of FrameFlow, “Everyone who purchases our Minecraft Edition will get a free set of giant subwoofers to accurately deliver server monitoring alerts. We will personally install them in the customer’s network operations center.”


FrameFlow already boasts a number of deployments for their new edition but at this point it is not clear that it will be the marketing success that they are hoping for.

“I’m not so sure it’s an improvement” said one long time FrameFlow customer. “We used to get a little ding when an email alert arrived and then we’d check to see what the problem was. Now we get a brief “Sssssssss…” followed by a huge KAPOW!!! that rocks the entire data center. The other day when our core switch died it was like bombs going off.”

FrameFlow Minecraft Edition includes all standard FrameFlow monitoring options and adds several new modes. In FrameFlow Survival Mode, FrameFlow randomly turns off or resets servers, switches and routers and challenges system administrators to keep up with it. In FrameFlow Hardcore Mode if staff do not respond to alerts in 5 minutes, FrameFlow wipes out its monitoring configuration and tries to format the local hard drive.

During a Q&A session after the press conference a FrameFlow spokesperson re-iterated FrameFlow’s view and strategy saying “Gamification is the hot topic with investors and venture capitalists around the world and with this move FrameFlow is well positioned to dominate the gamified server monitoring market.” When questioned about how they had obtained to the rights to the Minecraft name and imagery, Mr. Leclair was dismissive saying “Look, I’ve invited Notch and Satya to my club and I’m sure we can work out something over a good quality bourbon.”

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) on the Cambodian Stock Exchange leapt by 45% on the news closing at $12.86.

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