Newswire: FrameFlow Announces New Product Line


OTTAWA, CANADA, JULY 31st 2015. At a press conference held in a hall near their world headquarters in Ottawa, FrameFlow officials announced a significant change in strategy as the corporation enters a new marketspace. President and CEO Donald Leclair addressed the audience saying “At FrameFlow we believe there’s more to monitoring than just servers, switches and routers. Today we are proud to announce an entirely new line of event monitors: Baby Monitors.”

With valuable settings like “Alert with Warning if Diaper Moisture Exceeds 10%”, “Alert with Critical if Hungry” and new notification actions to “Simulate Funny Faces” and “Retrieve Lost Soothers”, FrameFlow officials believe that they are setting the stage for future growth.

Industry analysts questioned whether these features would be truly enough to affect the buying decisions of busy new parents but FrameFlow officials were undeterred. One spokesperson was quoted as saying “These little tikes will be the future generation of system and network administrators and we believe it’s never too soon for them to become familiar and comfortable with FrameFlow technology. It is all part of our strategy to keep the Keep the Pablum Flowing and Keep the Little Ones Growing.”

Almost immediately FrameFlow’s new campaign received overwhelmingly negative reviews on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Comments ranged from mildly critical such as to “Soothers? Pablum? Really? What year is this?” to “I’m outraged that a forward thinking corporation like FrameFlow still doesn’t get that Breast is Best. I’m definitely taking my baby and server monitoring business elsewhere”.

FrameFlow’s media relations team seems to have acted quickly to counter the negative press. New press material was quickly produced with an updated slogan: “Keep the Yummy Milk Flowing and Keep the Littles Ones Growing. And No Soothers.” Banners with the new slogan appeared outside their offices and a formal apology for the early missteps was in the works.

Despite these efforts many reviewers remained skeptical. “I still don’t think they get it”, said the spokesperson for a national parenting support group.

FrameFlow (NASDAQ:FRMFLW) shares were trading down 5.3%, closing at a 52-week low of $12.55.

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