Newswire: FrameFlow Announces World Tour


OTTAWA, CANADA. June 30th 2016. At press conference in a meeting room decorated with maps, charts and even a working scale model of a hot air balloon, FrameFlow officials announced today their plans for a world tour.

With stops planned in every major city around the world, FrameFlow plans to conduct personalized visits to each of their customers with the goal to learn more about their server and network monitoring requirements.

To save on costs FrameFlow is asking their customers to let them stay overnight in their boardrooms . “We promise to be out by 8am, maybe earlier.” says FrameFlow CEO, Donald Leclair.


To encourage participate in their program, FrameFlow is offering a suite of bonuses and enticements. Quoting an official FrameFlow press release:

  • Any organization that can provide comfy pillows will get 3 extra months of support and maintenance.
  • Customers who give us the wi-fi password will receive their choice of a groovy FrameFlow fridge magnet or a button that reads “FrameFlow Slept in My Boardroom”.
  • If we can have access to the coffee machine in the morning we will add 50 nodes to your license, 100 nodes if there are croissants too.
  • Customers will receive a set of six collectible FrameFlow coffee mugs if there happens to be case of beer on the boardroom table when we arrive.

“Mark my words”, said Mr. Leclair, “I plan to personally sleep in the boardroom of every FrameFlow customer who is willing to put us up for the night. It might take years but I think we owe it to our loyal customer base.”

FrameFlow’s world tour is set to start in mid-September with no fixed end date.


Analysts were skeptical with one bluntly saying “I don’t see how this initiative will increase shareholder value.” Others questioned how a relatively small organization could afford to send the majority of its staff on an excursion that was designed to last at least 12 months and potentially many more.

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) down 5 points on the news.

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