Newswire: FrameFlow Awarded Patent for Tech Campuses with Spaceship Design

FrameFlow Awarded Patent for Tech Campuses with Spaceship Design

OTTAWA, CANADA. ¬†At a press conference today, FrameFlow officials announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 9209129242 “Method and Apparatus for the Construction of Spaceship Tech Campuses” to FrameFlow Software and enforcement of patent rights would commence immediately.

President and CEO, Mr. Donald Leclair issued a statement saying “We are very pleased that the USPTO has recognized the value of our invention and has awarded us this important patent. We have already contacted Apple and have asked them to finish up their work and vacate the premises by next Friday at 5pm.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook released a statement saying that they would comply with their patent obligations but hoped that they could reach a compromise with FrameFlow. FrameFlow officials would only comment that they “have sympathy for the thousands of Apple employees who will have to work from coffee shops until Apple can design and build a new campus that does not infringe on our intellectual property.”

That said, there are some indications that exceptions to the Friday deadline might be be permitted. Rumors swirled that an agreement was being negotiated to allowed Jony Ive to remain on the premises for an undetermined period of time. In an off-the-record discussion a FrameFlow official indicated that “Mr. Leclair feels that Jony might be able to pick up a few design tips from our latest FrameFlow user interface design.”

When quizzed as to what a small team of developers like FrameFlow would do with their new 176-acre, 2.8 million square foot campus, FrameFlow officials declined to provide specific details however Mr. Leclair was quoted as saying “We’re thinking big! We’re thinking velodrome, we’re thinking chariot races and gladiator battles in the inner courtyard. We’re thinking ROLLER DERBY 2.0!”

At noon FrameFlow (NASDAQ:FRMFLW) shares were trading up 30% on the unexpected news. Inexplicably, Apple shares climbed by 10% on the news but analysts said this was normal for Apple shares on any given day.

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