Newswire: FrameFlow – The Original Sound Track


LOS ANGELES, CA –  DECEMBER 31st 2016. At a press conference in Los Angeles, California, FrameFlow announced the release of its first musical production, an album called “FrameFlow: Sounds of the Server Room”.

FrameFlow’s debut album features the following tracks:

P.O.S.T. Beep
Soothing Chassis Fan Breeze
The Server is Down, Ding, Ding
Click, Click, Click: Control+Alt+Delete
Solid RJ-45 Click
USB Once, USB Again

Already several FrameFlow tracks have been gained favorable reviews from music analysts and popular artists. Commenting on the FrameFlow track called “The Server is Down”, Mariah Carey (or maybe it was Beyonce) was quoted as saying “The lyrics are so inspiring. When it goes ‘a server is down, ding, ding’ and repeats it for eight minutes in a row, that’s magical. I wish my song writers had the same skill as those FrameFlow guys.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 9.57.32 PM

Listen Now: H.V.A.C Hum

Mr. Leclair was on stage during the press conference and personally delivered acapella versions of each track. Although several members of the press corps dozed off during “HVAC Hum”, the performance was well received with some suggesting that Mr. Leclair himself should host the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Mr. Leclair performing live at the FrameFlow press conference

Afterwards a FrameFlow spokesperson was quoted as saying “We’re trying to be realistic but frankly we’ll be disappointed if we don’t sweep both the American Music Awards and the Grammy Awards for the next five years in a row.”

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) closed up 8% on rumors that the company was about to announce its own record label exclusively featuring server room sounds with hip-hop and dubstep influences.

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